Ben Hume Leadership Award

2019 Nominations are now open for the Ben Hume Leadership Award. Awarded at the Safety Pinnacle Awards Gala each year, this award recognizes a BC Safety Charter member who demonstrates exemplary leadership.

Members of the BC Safety Charter are invited to nominate a fellow signatory who is actively involved in the Initiative and who demonstrates key leadership qualities.

Above: Ben Hume receives the inaugural Leadership Award named after him.

Award Process

Nominations close February 15, 2019. The BC Safety Charter Awards Committee will review all submissions and make a decision by the end of February.

The former recipient will present the award to the new award recipient each year.  The top three finalists will be profiled with a biography on the website. They will be also be interviewed on camera with a videotape of the interview being made available on the BC Safety Charter website before being shown at the Awards Gala. All 3 Finalists will be invited to attend the Gala where the Award Winner will be announced.

Important Details

We need to know a few items about you and your nominee. Please use the following fields to provide this information.


How has your nominee demonstrated the ability to inspire their team, organization, peers and community? (Please provide as many examples as possible to support your nomination.)  


How has your nominee demonstrated the ability to translate vision to reality and inspire others to be passionate about their goals?


How has your nominee demonstrated empathy and the ability to put community needs above personal interests?


How has your nominee ensured that appropriate health and safety systems and procedures are in place to protect people and the public?


What examples/evidence can you provide of the effectiveness of your nominees impact on the culture of their organization?


How has your nominee demonstrated the ability to influence and inspire their organization and their community? How have they applied innovative thinking to solve problems and new thinking and actions to how they lead, manage and go about their work?


How does your nominee actively care for the well-being of their people and their communities?