2018 BC Safety Charter a huge success

The 2018 BC Safety Charter held on April 26th was a huge success.  Close to 70 people attended the event at the Terminal City Club, networking, sharing and learning from each other’s experiences.

This year’s panel discussion was on “Cannabis in the workplace” and the conversation was lively, interesting and productive.  Emcee Kathryn Gretsinger facilitated an excellent talk on what impairment is and what an employer can do with regards to policies around medicinal marijuana.  Many questions were asked from the floor and everyone came out of the discussion better informed.  An interesting statistic that was introduced was that someone who is “high” is 4 times as likely to have an accident if driving.

The Key Note Speaker – Brian Anderson, COO of BC Transit – gave an insightful talk on relationship building, taking care of employees and working with his union counterpart.  His speech started by saying they wanted to “do the right thing”, just like all the attendees in the room also believed.  By linking savings to safety Brian was able to convince his board that this was a path to success and was later able to prove it with a major decrease in time lost incidents.